Anxiety & Depression Relief Mini Course

This sample online course is designed to provide an introduction to Anxiety and depression Relief online course. Through a series of video lectures, viewers will learn about the different types of anxiety and depression, how these conditions are diagnosed, and the various therapeutic approaches used to manage them. The course also includes practical tips for self-care and stress reduction, as well as resources for seeking professional help. 
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  • 42 min

    Video duration
    • Instructor

      Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC

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    6 sessions • 43 videos • 2 hr. 39 min.
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    Reinforce what you learn with quizzes and reflections that work in tandem with the 6-step program to turn what you learn into a lifestyle with this writable e-workbook.
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    Transform your health through the power of nutrition. 92+ delicious plant-based recipes, QR codes that lead to cooking videos of each recipe, and a plethora of dynamic.
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    Meet the instructor

    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer LPC

    Jennifer is a graduate of Capella University and has extensive experience in individual and group counseling as well as seminars. She is also a well-published author and has made many public appearances lecturing on the principles of mental health. Jennifer specializes in Christian and wholistic counseling and recovery from eating disorders. She uses an eclectic approach, which includes cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal and motivational interventions.
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