Healthy on a Budget

Do you want to "eat well," but don't know where to start? In this course, Sherene helps you understand how nutrition works, and how you can establish optimal eating habits without breaking your wallet. Learn how to read food label and identify good vs harmful ingredients. Understand MyPlate and DGA (Dietary Guideline for Americans) and how to use them. Learn the huge significance of good nutrition and take your first step towards reclaiming your life and health today. 
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    Sherene Chou, MS RD
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    Meet the instructor

    Sherene Chou MS RD

    Sherene Chou is a dietician focused on sustainable food and nutrition. She started becoming more interested in overall wellness and nutrition about 10 years ago, when she changed her career to focus 100 percent on nutrition and wellness.  She has always had a passion for food and as she began to learn more about what it means to “eat well,” she understood the huge significance of good nutrition and became totally fascinated by all the research and information that’s available out there.

    She graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, which is focused on health and holistic
    wellness. After graduating, she worked in a community that was focused on helping lower income communities that were using the SNAP program at different farmer's markets.

    Finally, she applied for a dietetics program, and set out to combine the two—culinary and nutrition—and set a new path for herself. She 
    received masters degree from Cal State Los Angeles before becoming a registered dietician.

    She served as the nutrition director at LA Kitchen. She also worked with the USC Keck School of Medicine to develop the “Culinary Medicine Elective,” which was the first-ever nutrition course for second year medical students. She was given a teaching award for that course. She also work with different plant-based brands to help them reach out to healthcare professionals through education.

    She also serves as the chair elect for the Vegetarian Group in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which is national professional association. She also serves as the Nutrition Advisor for the Plant-Based Foods Association.

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